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Tuesdays, June 19 through August 28 - Acting Classes with Rik Walter

Uta Hagen was a formative influence on my development as an actor, and after 30 years I still find myself returning to her concepts as both actor and teacher.
For 10 Tuesday nights this summer in northern Manhattan, I'll take a group of 16 actors through Uta's OBJECT EXERCISES, which she created to help actors develop and sharpen self-awareness, observation and creative imagination, while building and heightening responsiveness to Action.  Click image below for details.

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February 2018 - The Beckett Theater, Theater Row, NYC

I seem to be on a jag of playing 19th century foreign literary figures with facial hair (scroll down). What an incredible blast I had playing  the great Russian playwright Anton Chekhov in this brilliant and funny (and critically acclaimed!) new play by John McKinney. And a privilege working  under the fine direction of long-time colleague Leslie Kincaid Burby. The  extra perk, aside from working with such a lovely cast (Dana Watkins,  Elizabeth Inghram,  Charlotte Stoiber, and Christian Ryan), was getting to reaquaint myself with Chekhov's short stories. Man! Just incredible.  -Rik

UP Theater


October 2016 - West Orange, NJ

I don't think I've worked with a regional theater that has taken such pains to present a play so carefully and thoughtfully. The Luna Stage team misses not the smallest of points, from the abstract subtly of the visual and aural elements of its design team, to the careful and attentive hand of director, Cheryl Katz -- a true actor's director -- to the contextual sensitivity of its playwright and dramaturgical team. And Ian Gould, what can I say, you were glorious to work with.  -Rik

"Ian Gould as Roosevelt and Rik Walter as Muir are superb. - NJ Arts Mavin


"...in a class of his own."


July 2015 - Chester, MA

Five weeks of some serious character work at The Chester Theatre Company. My deepest respects to director Byam Stevens, and an immensely talented and generous cast in Michael Sean McGuinness (Tolstoy) and Ezra Barnes (Jefferson).  I  created this photo series for my kids to show them how Daddy transformed into Dickens every night. Thought you might enjoy it to.  -Rik

Headshot by Leslie Silva


September 2015 - Roosevelt Island, NYC

My Unforgettable guest star episode (#13 "Paranoid Android") with stars Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh, and fellow guest star Bruce Davidson, aired January 25, 2016 on A&E, wherein I played an unwitting pawn in a most dangerous game. 

THE LATEST I'm teaching an acting class this summer on Tuesdays  6/19 to 8/28. Click  image for details. -Rik


February 2016 - Morristown, NJ

Studied this play by Milan Stitt in college in the 80's and always dreamed that I would one day get a chance to play the role of this deeply tortured priest, Fr. Rivard. Thank you to Eric Hafen and The Bickford Theatre for this amazing ride with this amazing cast. Still stunned I'm actually doing this! -Rik

"This story of love and religion, surprisingly relevant today, is impressively presented ... outstanding lead actors ... so perfectly cast ... truly rewarding theatre experience... a remarkable actor, Rik Walter. Walter perfectly projects the torment Rivard faces."  -The Examiner